Why Would You Be A Hypnotherapist?

Want to be a Hypnotherapist?

Here’s the reason why one of our Diploma students wants to train with us.


There are many reasons why I would want to be a hypnotherapist but predominantly it would be because the changes that occur through this process are deep and lasting. This is a technique which allows the sub-conscious mind an exit from any subliminal patterns allowing changes to occur. There are many reasons why a person would go for hypnotherapy but often for many, it is the last resort. What is definite is that it has the power to initiate change from the inside out. It is a process where the changes occur subtly where you suddenly realise that you feel different and act differently and what appeared to be handicaps or obstacles become a path for change. Many people are affected and plagued by physiological and psychological conditions such as fears, phobias, lack of confidence/self-esteem, sleep disorders etc which often have a debilitating effect on their day to day living. To see the changes in a person appear before your eyes each time they have a session or to be told that you have made a difference in improving their lives would be a very satisfying role to play. What an interesting and challenging job this would be, as not only would you see a wide range of different clients, each would be unique and each would respond differently. That’s the beauty of hypnotherapy, finding what works for an individual and seeing the light come back on so to speak.

Also not only would I get to help others but I would constantly be helping myself as each client brings new challenges and each person we learn from. It is also important for me as a hypnotherapist to look at any areas of improvement that I as an individual need to focus on with the aim of always being engaged with the client, this also allows me to develop and understand those firm boundaries are essential to a successful outcome. What’s more none of the above would be possible if my client didn’t have faith and trust in me as a hypnotherapist?

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