Why Train With Us?

Top 11 Reasons To Train With

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  1. The Devon School of Hypnotherapy is fully accredited, approved and rigorously assessed by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK)
  2. All qualifications are nationally recognised
  3. Once completed you gain membership to professional bodies
  4. The methods taught by Chris Fleet are proven
  5. Chris Fleet is the south-west leading hypnotherapist, with a successful local, regional, national and international practice
  6. Chris Fleet has over fifteen years of professional experience
  7. The courses provide forty percent more training hours than most others in England
  8. You will be fully equipped in setting up your own practice from the moment of qualification
  9. Aftercare and support are guaranteed
  10. Student feedback and enjoyment is key to our success
  11. We have arranged your free entry into the hypnotherapy directory for a limited period.

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