Drivers Quiz

Drivers are unconscious internal pressures that make us do things a certain way. They are sometimes unhelpful or inappropriate in achieving tasks as they tend to strive to satisfy inner needs rather than the needs of the task at hand.

Whilst any combination of results is possible there tends to be stronger, mid-range and weaker drivers. These drivers are called ‘Be Perfect’, ‘Hurry Up’, ‘Please Others’, ‘Be Strong’ and ‘Try Hard’. Whilst some seem to be at odds with each other, such as strong ‘Be Perfect’ and strong ‘Hurry Up’, they are a possible combination.

Take our test to get an indication of what your drivers are.

1.Do you cope well with difficult situations?
2.Do you thrive when working under pressure?
3.Are you someone who is calm in a crisis?
4.Do you value accuracy and perfection?
5.Do you get annoyed when you see mistakes, no matter how small?
6.Do you find satisfaction in when things are put into order?
7.Are you motivated by fresh ideas and tasks?
8.Do you tend to leave things unfinished and move on to something new that interests you?
9.Do you find it difficult to explore new and different areas of work?
10.Are you usually in a hurry?
11.Do you procrastinate?
12.Are you often late for appointments?
13.Is getting on well with people a priority for you?
14.Are you intuitive about how people are feeling?
15.Are you happier when everyone’s views, regardless of validity, are at least taken into account?

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