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Alison DeMatos Hypnotherapist, ex student from The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy. Qualified with Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy
Alison De Matos, Case Study

Alison De Matos ~ Case Study

Alison De Matos

Hypnotherapy Case Study

Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Before Starting Her Own Hypnotherapy Practice

Alison De Matos studied hypnotherapy a couple of years ago at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.  She gained both the Certificate and Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
She subsequently went on to open her own Hypnotherapy Practice, Alison De Matos Hypnotherapy in Devon and now specialises in weight loss.
This is her story, as written by Hypnotherapist Chris Fleet.

Alison De Matos & Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy for Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy


“I loved the course and Chris was highly supportive and learner centred. At times I found it challenging, in a good way, as Chris has high standards and suddenly all my learning clicked into place”  

Alison De Matos


Hypnotherapy Was New For Alison

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis was completely new to Alison.  Previously she had a background of corporate management working for the British Red Cross. 
Prior to attending The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy, Alison did her homework, researching hypnotherapy and hypnosis extensively and the courses that were available. She said she chose course as was impressed by the contents and the qualification gained. 

Alison Took The Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course

Alison was a little nervous, initially, but she was also very excited to be attending her first hypnotherapy training class. 
She took and passed the Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course.
This is essentially a ‘taster’ course and an introduction to hypnotherapy.  It also forms the first module for the accredited Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course.
The content for this Course involves both written theory and practical work.  As part of the practical work, students are taught how to put others into hypnosis and Alison learned how to achieve this, but I am sure she will not mind me saying that she did not set the world alight.
Alison also found some of the written theory work challenging but she showed determination and gained her certificate.
Learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy was completely different to the management world that she had worked in previously and I had the strong feeling that she would not wish to pursue any further training in hypnotherapy.


I Was Wrong

I was, however, very pleasantly surprised when Alison said that she wanted to continue and take the full Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course.
Like the Certificate course, the Diploma Course contains a combination of theory and practical work.  The initial modules are also relatively easy.
For the third module, pupils are asked to use their own imagination and initiative for some of hypnotherapy concepts.
Alison has a great imagination and much initiative, but she initially found some concepts a challenge to grasp.
One vital part of the hypnotherapy training is known as ‘fork in the path’ but, I think it is fair to say, that she struggled initially with this concept.
We talked this concept through, we walked it through, we drew it on the board and repeated it over and again – and then it fell into place.
The effort was worth it.
That was a turning point …

Alison DeMatos Hypnotherapist, ex student from The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy. Qualified with Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Alison Started To Flourish

Suddenly, Alison began to flourish, her voice became more confident, her body language subtly changed. She became a star pupil and whatever concept we put to her, she got it.
On gaining her Diploma In Hypnotherapy, she decided that she did not just want to work as a professional hypnotherapist but she started her own practice in Dawlish, Devon.
In the process of starting her own business, she sourced good offices to work from, built a professional looking website and has been busy networking with health professionals throughout the area.


Alison Specialises In Weight Loss

Alison now specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy and has people travel to see her specifically for weight loss.
She has also studied other talking therapies such as counselling and CBT and she has already earned back her investment in the course and is fast becoming well known in the area for the work she does.
And, for those not living locally in Devon, she now offers her hypnotherapy services via skype.


" ... A course outline is just words unless the content is delivered by a trainer who can bring a course alive, with rich experience, interesting and exciting content and most importantly get the best out of their learners in a supportive, encouraging way. I highly recommend this course as it exceeded all my expectations."      Ali De Matos


Her Business Is Growing

Alison’s hypnotherapy business is growing from strength to strength, as she helps people improve their lives.
If you wish to know more about Ali De Matos and the work she does, please view her website at the link below and please contact her – like myself, her consultations are free too.

Chris Fleet, top UK accredited Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer for Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Final Word From Chris Fleet

Alison said the course was challenging in places and several other students have said the same but, like Alison, all have conquered these challenges and all have succeeded in qualifying.
The courses are designed to allow time for students to grasp even the most challenging concepts included.
I am also a very patient and experienced trainer and know how to guide students through the harder parts of the courses.

If You Wish To Know More

If you would like to know more about my courses, I offer a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION at my Devon Clinic, by SKYPE or by 'phone, whichever is best for you.
Then, I would be able to explain everything fully for you and be able to answer all your questions.
Please book your FREE CONSULTATION by ringing 01803 500300, emailing chris@fleethypnosis.com or by contacting me below:

Things Money Simply Cannot Buy

Job satisfaction is such a major component of becoming a hypnotherapist. I got a phone call from the parents of a young chap who had a quite traumatic incident one day and was trapped in a train carriage for a period of time.

things money can't buySince then he struggled to go anywhere where there were doors that closed behind him. It was so bad that he couldn’t even make it through the office front door first time he saw me.

I didn’t have the heart to charge anything like full price and the end result was far better than money ever could have been.

SO how did this young lad get back on buses and trains again?

The first thing we did was go for a walk with his mum and him round to the local park where we talked about football. I asked him who his favourite players were and what position he played. I told him how rubbish I was and how I still try to play, he thought this was quite funny.

Signed up

Next time I saw him was a home visit we talked more about football. I got him to pretend that he was watching a game and the manager looked into the crowd and picked him out to come on a substitute. The crowd was singing his name as he scored an equaliser, and then the winner for his team.

He imagined the manager then asking him to sign a contract. The challenge was he had to go to a strange office to do it……..The next week he was happy to come to my office even if I had to leave the door wide open initially. The look of pride on his face when he showed his parents that he could shut himself in the office was worth so much more than money.

Later on, we walked to the train station which happens to be the end of a branch line. I spoke to the guard asking if he could step on and off the train to get used to it whilst the train was waiting at the station.

All in all, I saw him about four times.

Next thing I knew he was getting on and off trains and buses, going to new buildings and being a normal happy boy again.

Did I charge a fortune? No… over a period of 4 hours I charged less than I would for a full session under normal circumstances. Was it worth it? You bet it was – the letter in the post was better than anything money could buy.

If you would like to learn how to help children I’d be happy to help you. Just click here to take a look at the courses available.