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Does Hypnotherapy work? It works to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression & other conditions
Does Hypnotherapy work? It works to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression & other conditions

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Does Hypnotherapy work? It works to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression & other conditions

Do Hypnotherapy Treatments Work?

Can Hypnotherapy Really Improve Lives?

By Chris Fleet @hypno_teacher


I am often asked these questions.

And, the simple answer is "Yes, hypnotherapy very definitely can work"


I Have Been Helping People For 15 Years

I have been helping people for more than 15 years using hypnotherapy and hypnosis treatments. Many of these people had previously been long sufferers of depression, stress and anxiety and, for many years, had had the quality of their lives blighted until I treated them.


Many Relate Hypnosis To 'The Swinging Watch'

Unfortunately, many think that hypnotherapy involves the classic 'Swinging Watch' that has often been demonstrated on stage at shows and, as a result, this makes people sceptical about its effectiveness.

A patient of mine, Lisa from Newton Abbot was sceptical, too, but after suffering with PTSD, anxiety and depression for many years and, after many other treatments had failed, she decided to try hypnotherapy.

I am very pleased to report that it has worked and life is very much better now for Lisa.


Lisa's Story In Her Own Words

Lisa has written this piece, briefly describing her experience and she has given me permission to publish her words.

I love how she starts her piece:


"Life gets better by change, not chance" 

"Life gets better by change, not chance

Hypnotherapy was the best decision I ever could have made!!

I had always been sceptical of hypnotherapy but after suffering with PTSD, anxiety, and depression for as long as I can remember, I decided in March 2019 that I had to try an alternative treatment to give myself a chance of finally getting better as my issues impacted on my life, relationships and my decisions.

Previous to hypnotherapy, I received mental health support, counselling and CBT but I didn't feel any of this worked for me. I was also prescribed multiple medications that included anti depressants (which I had been on for over 10 years), diazapam for anxiety and zoplicone for my sleeping issues.

Chris began the therapy by measuring my depression and anxiety levels which indicated that I was on a severe level. After 7 sessions of hypnotherapy, over a period of 4 months, both scores have significantly reduced to a normal level and I am proud to say that I am no longer taking medication that I relied on for many years and I am feeling the best I have ever felt. 😁

Thank you Chris for making me feel alive. I didn't know I had it in me to feel so good and stable. The difference in me is truly amazing! I am strong, confident, happy, positive and feel ready to take on whatever life throws at me. Things are finally good and I'm excited for the future.

Chris. You are amazing. Thank you xxx"

Does Hypnotherapy work? It works to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression & other conditions

Many thanks, Lisa, for letting me publish this and I am so pleased live is much better for you.


If Lisa's Story Has Inspired You

If Lisa's story has inspire you to learn more about Hypnotherapy, maybe I can help you too.


Certificate & Diploma Hypnotherapy Training

As well as helping people using my Hypnotherapy treatments, I also run hypnotherapy courses, training others to become hypnotherapists, enabling them to help people like Lisa. 

My weekend Certificate in Hypnotherapy Course provides a good start and is the first module of The Diploma Course.

The 10 Module Accredited Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course provides students with the successful methods that I use to treat people;  graduates leave with a high level of competence, ready to practice hypnotherapy professionally. 

I also offer a FREE EVENING TRAINING SESSION where I provide a good insight into Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and how these treatments can be used to improve lives. During the fun two hours, I give a hypnosis demonstration and provide details of my courses.

You can learn more by clicking the links below or by contacting me below.

Contact Chris Fleet

I would be very pleased to answer any questions that you may have about my Hypnotherapy Training and Hypnotherapy Courses.  Please contact me by completing our form below or by 'phoning 07841 595960.
I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for making contact.         

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GHR - The General Hypnotherapy Registry, Acknowledged Supervisor, Chris Fleet, Devon School Of Hypnotherapy
Liz Hornby, Hypnotherapist, E H Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Reiki
Case Study ~ Liz Hornby, Hypnotherapist, E H Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Reiki

Liz Hornby ~ Case Study

Case Study ~ Liz Hornby, Hypnotherapist, E H Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Reiki

Liz Hornby

Dip. Hyp., Reiki Master

Hypnotherapy Case Study

Liz Hornby Gained A Certificate In Hypnotherapy & A Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Before Starting Her Own Hypnotherapy Practice

Liz Hornby studied hypnotherapy at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.  She gained both the Certificate and Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
She subsequently went on to open her own Hypnotherapy Practice, EH Therapy in Maidenhead, Berkshire and now specialises in Hypnotherapy and Reiki.
This is her story, as written by Hypnotherapist Chris Fleet.


“I cannot recommend this course, and Chris, highly enough. If you are in any doubt, go along to the taster (Certificate In Hypnotherapy) weekend because I’ll bet you anything you will find yourself wanting to take things further”

Liz Hornby


Liz and I have ‘almost’ known each other for decades through mutual friends.

A few years ago, one of our mutual friends attended a self-hypnosis workshop that I was running at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy Training and she brought Liz along too.
Subsequent to that event, we stayed in touch as Liz was considering a change of career and wanted to work with people rather than having an office-based administration job.
After much deliberation, Liz opted to train as a counsellor, as working in a practical vocation helping other people appealed to her. But having studied for a year, she didn’t feel as though the treatments she was being trained for were ‘offering solutions’ to her clients.
She started to look at alternative treatments that would be more aligned to her personal mission of wanting to help people improve their lives.


Liz Attended My Certificate In Hypnotherapy Training Course

Liz decided to attend my Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course weekend and living 200 miles away stayed in a delightful Bed & Breakfast, a short distance from Paignton seafront and convenient for The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.
She passed the course and gained her Certificate and decided she wanted to continue her training to become a professional hypnotherapist.
The Certificate is the equivalent of Module 1 of the 10 Module Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course, a requirement in order to work as a professional hypnotherapist.

Liz Hornby, Hypnotherapist, E H Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Reiki


“When I’d weighed everything up I decided that I had nothing to lose in attending his ‘taster weekend’ (Certificate In Hypnotherapy) in February last year. I can only sum up the weekend in one word – “Wow”. I knew, finally, that I’d found something I could do as I seemed to ‘get it’ quite quickly”

Liz Hornby


Having To Travel 200 Miles To Attend The Course Was A Consideration

Living in the South-East, the extra cost of travel to Devon plus accommodation, in addition to the course fees was a big consideration.
There were plenty of alternative Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Courses available locally to her, but none of them seemed to offer the same comprehensive practical and theory content and all were more expensive.
After much research, she concluded that my Diploma In Hypnotherapy course at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy was still cheaper, offered much better value and much superior content to the local alternatives.


Liz Took The Plunge And Signed Up

Liz signed up to the course and very quickly grew into it, flourishing as she learned more.
There were parts of the course that she found challenging, but she had plenty of help from myself and her fellow students.
One of the big benefits of working in a small class is everyone supports each other, and the help, guidance and encouragement she gained propelled her forward, through the challenges and her confidence grew rapidly.
Then came the practical and theoretical tests at the end of the course.


Liz Had A Phobia About Exams

Liz has always had a phobia about exams and was becoming more and more agitated as the tests grew nearer.
One of the advantages of doing this course is that MUCH practical work is included which involves the students working together; this enabled the other students to support Liz and to help her overcome her fear of exams.


The Whole Class Did Well

The whole class did very well … Module 9 involves a practical exam where members of the public come in for a supervised hypnotherapy session with the students.
Despite her initial nerves, Liz achieved a high score, here, of approximately 90{a84c90e7fc8742d8765d24ae64afde7c8c5e680d430ae1de696d39ef38fdeab2}.

Devon School Of Hypnotherapy Training - study for a Certificate In Hypnotherapy, Diploma In Hypnotherapy,


Then The Final Module

The next month was the final module where everything learned throughout the course comes together.
Having driven down to Paignton the day before, rather than on the day, she was well rested for the final exam.
Now, I am delighted to report that she flew through the exam with her combined score exceeding 90{a84c90e7fc8742d8765d24ae64afde7c8c5e680d430ae1de696d39ef38fdeab2}, making her the highest (just) scoring student in the class.


Liz Is Now Working Professionally As A Hypnotherapist

Using her Diploma In Hypnotherapy has allowed her to work professionally in her home town of Maidenhead, successfully offering Hypnotherapy and Reiki.
As part of my Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training, I offer full post-course support and advice and Liz has taken full advantage of this, seeking vital advice and support on:
  • how to start and run a new business
  • business planning
  • securing clients in a niche market place.
  • dealing with clients.
Amongst other aspects.


Initially Her New Business Generated A Second Income

Her new business was set up alongside her main career and with a growing list of new clients, she is now able to reduce the number of hours she works on her ‘day job’ 
The business, known as E H Therapy, now boasts its own website www.ehtherapy.uk, reaching out to potential clients and is taking off well, starting to provide a good ‘second income’ for her.


“Sometimes I still can’t believe I now have a Diploma with letters after my name! My best friend, who is also a mutual friend of Chris’s, commented that when I talked about the training with Chris, there was a lot of passion in my voice. That’s all down to Chris who has passed on his passion for hypnotherapy to us all and, for that, I thank him”

Liz Hornby


I Am Certain She Will Go On To Great Things

Liz has already worked with a celebrity to great effect and being a person who people naturally will go to for help, she makes me think that there is little doubt that she will go on to achieve great things.


I Can Personally Recommend Her Services

If there is anyone in the Maidenhead area who is looking for a very astute and professional hypnotherapist then please give Liz a shout out at liz@ehtherapy.uk.
You can see more on her website: http://www.ehtherapy.uk/

Chris Fleet, top UK accredited Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer for Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Final Word From Chris Fleet

Liz did find parts of the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course challenging and she struggled with her phobia for exams, but the one big advantage of studying the course in a small group is the mutual support everyone receives, not just from myself but also from the other students. 
In the end, she excelled, finishing top of the class.


The Courses Are Designed To Allow Time For The Students

Parts of the courses can be challenging but they are designed to allow time for students to grasp even the most challenging concepts included.
I am also a very patient and experienced trainer and know how to guide students through the harder parts of the courses.

If You Wish To Know More

If you would like to know more about my courses, I offer a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION at my Devon Clinic, by SKYPE or by ‘phone, whichever is best for you.
Then, I would be able to explain everything fully for you and be able to answer all your questions.
Please book your FREE CONSULTATION by ringing 01803 500300, emailing chris@fleethypnosis.com or by contacting me below:

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