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Mark Honey Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Case Study at Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Case Study ~ Mark Honey

Mark Honey Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Case Study at Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Case Study.

Mark Honey

Gained A Certificate & Diploma In Hypnotherapy, Now Runs His Own Hypnotherapy Business.

Written By Chris Fleet, UK Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer @hypno_teacher


Mark began his training with us some years ago.
He was very nervous, initially; it can be a little bit daunting learning a new skill with people you haven’t met before. However, one common trait amongst therapists is that we all want to help people and we work in small groups so he was very quickly put at ease by other group members who were all in the same boat.


Mark Was A Little Concerned Over Intensity Of The Course

Mark was slightly concerned over the intensity of the hypnotherapy course but I was able to speak with him before the start to the course and explained about the contents and what was involved and eased his mind over its intensity. 
Learning the art of hypnotherapy and hypnosis and training to become a Hypnotherapist, can be challenging but it is very doable for most people.
By the second day, Mark's nerves had eased and his confidence had visibly grown, and as we really dived into the practical side of hypnotising people, he flourished and he very quickly demonstrated that he was going to be a natural.
Mark Said He Liked Helping People & Hypnotherapy Was A Good Choice
Mark, being the type to help people improve their lives, thought Hypnotherapy was a good choice for him. Having initially studied The Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course, he went on to qualify as a hypnotherapist by proceeding to study The Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course. In this video, Mark talks to Chris about the courses and how they suited him and the style of presentation helped him to learn the techniques and methods involved.
This short video includes a good insight the courses from a student's prospective ... please view it to learn more.



Students Are Encouraged To Choose A Niche

During the Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course, I encourage those who are considering taking up hypnotherapy as a career to think about which niche they would like to work in.


Mark is a runner and has been for quite some time, he has a keen interest in health and nutrition and was running mini boot camps in his home town of Plymouth.


It Was Sensible For Mark To Focus On Sports

It was only sensible for Mark to concentrate his hypnotherapy efforts on sports.
With his hypnotherapy business, Evolution Warrior, he works to help those suffering with problems such as anxiety and depression, he is now gaining a reputation for working with athletes, many of whom turn to running as a method of coping with depression and the like.
To learn more about Mark's Hypnotherapy Practice, please visit his website at http://evolutionwarrior.co.uk

Certificate & Diploma Hypnotherapy Training

I am very much hoping that this Hypnotherapy Training Case Study might inspire you, too, to maybe consider taking up hypnotherapy. 
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