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Top UK Accredited Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Course...

Become A Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist With Potential For A Flexible, Well Paid & Rewarding Career, Helping Others To Improve Their Lives..,

Acquire the amazing power to help people deal with stress, anxiety, depression, confidence building, weight control, smoke cessation, fears and phobias as well as other behavioural & emotional issues

"It was amazing ... I have grown in confidence ... I have got a load more skills ... I really love being a hypnotherapist ..."

Jenny Lidster, newly qualified hypnotherapist from The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy

Watch our video of Jenny Lidster talking to her hypnotherapy trainer, top UK Hypnotherapist Chris Fleet.  Jenny first gained her CERTIFICATE IN HYPNOTHERAPY, followed by her DIPLOMA IN HYPNOTHERAPY, allowing her now to work professionally.

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Gain A Highly Regarded Accredited Diploma In Hypnotherapy

On successful completion of This Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Course, you will gain a Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
It is generally recognised that Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course offered by Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy is one of the most superior courses offered in the U.K., with approximately 40% more practical content included.
Successful students qualify with an extensive knowledge of both the theory and practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and a high standard of expertise and experience.
This qualification is of great value as it is nationally recognised and approved by General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).   It will also allow your acceptance to the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and also the Complimentary & National Healthcare Council (CNHC).
With this diploma and the expertise that you will gain, you will have the opportunity to work as a professional, fully qualified hypnotherapist in many clinics within the U.K. or you could even set up your own practice.

Course Overview

  • 10 Weekend Module Course, studied over 10 consecutive Months, held at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy, Paignton, Devon
  • Be trained by top U.K. accredited hypnotherapy trainer, Chris Fleet,
  • One of the most comprehensive Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Courses in the U.K. (40% More Practical Content Than Other Similar Courses)
  • Course recognised and approved by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)
  • Full post-qualification support and mentoring
  • Have opportunity to start new hypnotherapy practice at the Devon Clinic (subject to conditions)
  • Free pre-course 'one to one' consultation with Chris Fleet to personally discuss this course 

You Will Gain On Successful Qualification:

  • A Diploma In Hypnotherapy, nationally recognised by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)
  • The opportunity to practice as a fully qualified hypnotherapist with the ability to earn up to £150 per hour
  • A high level of competence as a hypnotherapist able to tackle issues such as stress management
  • A comprehensive understanding of hypnotherapy and how it works
  • Much practical experience in applying hypnotherapy
  • Deep knowledge of the many practical uses for hypnotherapy
  • The highly effective & proven methods and techniques of one of the UK’s top accredited Hypnotherapists
  • The knowledge to set up a profitable & successful practice

Be Trained By Top UK Accredited Hypnotherapist, Chris Fleet

Hypnotherapy Success Case Studies

Success Case Story:   Alison De Matos Started A Hypnotherapy Clinic After Gaining Her Diploma

Alison De Matos previously had a management background working for The Red Cross before gaining her Diploma In Hypnotherapy.
Now she helps people lose weight through her highly successful Hypnotherapy Treatments at her own Hypnotherapy Practice in Dawlish. 
Read Her Inspiring Story Here
Testimonial From Ali De Matos, for Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy Training

Success Case Story:  Mark Redfearn Started A Career In Hypnotherapy After Gaining His Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Mark Redfearn started a second career in hypnotherapy after gaining his Diploma In Hypnotherapy at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.
Now he works as a hypnotherapist along side his other business of driving a taxi. 
Read His Inspiring Story Here
Mark Redearn Case Study ~ Successful student of Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy

More Details On The Course

During the course, you will learn about the workings of the mind; why we behave in certain ways, how we talk to ourselves, how to recognise change and how to change self-talk should it be required.
Also included will be a great understanding of the law, such as detailing your commitments as a therapist and you will be shown how to set up, run and market a successful practice, and you will be given crucial advice for developing your career as a hypnotherapist.
  • The course comprises a total of 450 hours training. Classroom training comprises 170 hours in 20 days with the remainder being out of class practice, reading, researching and completing assignments
  • Classes are up to 12 persons where everyone is treated as an individual. The whole class is encouraged to be inclusive with everyone working together and supporting each other, with the collective goal of each gaining their diploma
  • The course has been designed to not only be informative but to be fun and enjoyable.  It is presented in an easy to understand manner with jargon being kept to the minimum
  • An understanding of the science of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will be acquired along with a knowledge of how these work and how these can alleviate certain conditions.
  • You will acquire a good understanding of which conditions and treatments can be assisted by hypnotherapy
  • You will gain a good knowledge of the law and how it elates to Hypnotherapy, along with knowledge of your commitments and responsibilities as a Hypnotherapist
  • You will learn to start and run a successful Hypnotherapy business and clinic including how to market your new business and how to acquire new clients
  • Post qualification support by Chris Fleet will also be available
  • Full money-back refund guarantee, if you are not happy at end of first day of first module

Cost Of Complete Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course & Training

The full price of the complete 10 module course is £2,150.00.

Early Bird Discount ~ Be One Of The FIRST FIVE To Book & Pay For Your Place & Receive A £300 Discount.

PAY JUST £1850.00 INSTEAD OF £2150.00

if studied after qualifying for the Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course, cost that you pay for the Certificate Course is refundable as a discount off the total price.

Having Gained Your Certificate & Diploma In Hypnotherapy, What Is Next?

You Are Ready To Work Professionally But Where Will You Work?

In this article, read about the options open to you, including one excellent one that could involve working with me in my Devon Clinic.

Read Article

Core Requirements For The Course

You should have a good command of English language in order to get the best from the course and you must be over the age of 16.
As part of the course, you will be required to complete a core reading list, out of class. You will be required to practice using the skills you have learned in class on volunteers such as friends and family, again out of class in order to gain experience in practising hypnotherapy.  This will be required from Weekend 3.
You will also be required to keep a diary outlining and recording your out of class activities and hours worked and be able to submit this to your course tutor.
Written assignments will be set for you to complete, outlining and demonstrating the thought process in putting together treatment plans for hypothetical clients.  Common symptoms such as anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation and arachnophobia will be included.
On the penultimate weekend of the course, you will work on a member of the public in a fully supervised session.
These requirements are summarised here:
  1. You must be aged 16+
  2. You must have a good command of the English language
  3. You will be required to complete reading material and out of class practice and keep a record of these as a requisite for course completion
  4. You will complete written assignments for planned treatments
  5. From weekend three, you will be expected to practice on family/friends
  6. At the penultimate weekend, you will be supervised working with a genuine client


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Be Trained By Top UK Accredited Hypnotherapist 

Hello, I’m Chris Fleet and for the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people improve their lives using some highly effective hypnotherapy and hypnosis techniques. 
My mission is to pass these skills and methods onto new hypnotherapists.  By studying one of my courses and qualifying, you will acquire a very powerful ability to do much good, by improving the lives of those suffering from many life-affecting conditions, such as stress, anxiety & depression.
Working as a professional hypnotherapist could provide you with a highly rewarding career with the scope to earn up to £150 per hour and you could even start your own hypnotherapy clinic.
If you are looking for something new, I would be very pleased to help you on your journey.
I would love you to join us.

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