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There are tens of thousands of hypnotherapy trainers worldwide teaching a wide variety of students millions of variations on traditional techniques, so what should you be asking the course trainer?

Are they a qualified hypnotherapist and are they qualified to teach?

This may sound silly, but there are some out there masquerading as something they are not, and the field of hypnotherapy is no stranger to impostors. Ask the tutor for proof of their credentials and affiliations to professional bodies. Genuine trainers will not think twice about showing/telling you their qualifications and affiliations. If a trainer shies away from proving their professional credentials step well always from their institute because more than likely they are fake and will take your money without a second thought.


Here is an example of two nationally registered qualifications our tutor holds;

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy proudly lists Tutor Chris Fleet’s qualifications on our website.


Can they teach and what are their methods?

Hypnotherapists are great at demonstrating the practical side of hypnotherapy, but can they actually teach the theory just as well? There are numerous teaching methods out there and it is not a case of one method suits all, much like learners (students).


Types of learners;

  • Spatial (visual) Learners prefer using images, pictures and spatial understanding
  • Aural (Auditory) Learners prefer using music and sound
  • Linguistic (Verbal) Learners prefers using words in both speech and writing
  • Kinesthetic (Physical) Learners prefers using their body, hands and a sense of physical touch.


Teaching methods vary greatly depending on the personality of the tutor, the educational setting, the range and students and pace of progression. As a general rule of thumb trainers need to remain professional yet approachable, and friendly yet able to step in when deadlines need to be met.

Unless you have taken a course with this tutor before there is not sure-fire way in which you will be able to tell their exact teaching methods but there are ways in which you can gauge an accurate description. If you know someone who has taken the course, you can directly ask them. If the course and school is new to you then you can read reviews and feedback from their website and social media pages or directly ask to speak to a previous/current student.


We hope this short quide has answered some of your questions. If you would like more information or have further questions please do contact us and we will do our best to answer.


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