Mark Redfearn Hypnotherapy Case Study

Mark Redfearn, Case Study ~ Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy. Gained Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy & started his own business.

Mark Redfearn Hypnotherapy Case Study

Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Before Starting His Own Hypnotherapy Services


Testimonial Mark Redfearn ~ Chris Fleet's Devon School Of Hypnotherapy. Mark gained a Diploma In Hypnotherapy & now has started his own Hypnotherapy business
Our Mark Redfearn Hypnotherapy Case Study is an inspiring story describing how despite having to look after his son at home, he managed to study and pass the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Course with a high grade and then go onto start his own successful hypnotherapy business alongside his other taxi driving business.

It Was Just Before Christmas

It was just before Christmas, a couple of years ago, and Mark rang to say he was interested in learning about hypnotherapy and hypnosis and to learn how it could help people with life affecting conditions.
But, before signing up on our course, he wanted to know more about the training and how it would work.
Meeting in a nice pub and, over a pint, we discussed the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course and I was able to answer all his questions.
The Diploma course comprises 10 modules over 10 months and Mark, due to life pressures, had one major concern about missing a module, or part of the course, and whether he would be able to catch up. He also enquired about further training after the course finished.
But, more than anything, though, I think he wanted to make sure I was someone he could get on with.
That is a massive thing for anyone considering a training course.
If you don’t like or get on with your trainer then it’s going to be a tough time for both the trainee and the trainer.


Mark Is A Single Parent

Mark is a single parent and this responsibility limited his working hours around school hours and school terms.
At the time of our meeting, he was working as a taxi driver and as a trained masseuse. Both allowed him to work flexibly around bringing up his son.
We discussed the possibility of adding hypnotherapy into his working week; the fact that Mark would be able to earn an extra £120 a week, just for seeing a couple of clients per week certainly seemed appealing to him.
But, above all else, he liked the idea of helping other people improve their lives and he could see hypnotherapy as a great way of doing just that.
He is that sort of person.


Mark Signed Up For The Course

He signed up for the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course and he took to it straight away.
It was obvious after the first weekend that it was something that his demeanour and manner was well suited to. He has a calm and a relaxed nature and, above all, he is someone you feel you could trust.
Following a good start, Mark started to encounter a few problems.
Part way through the second module, Mark received a phone call saying that his son had been taken ill. Mark had to leave half way through the first day of the module.
The next day he returned but, unfortunately, he was called away again.
From a technical point of view, that is not necessarily a problem because the minimum classroom hours required for the full Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course is 120 hours and our course includes a minimum of 160 hours.
But from a practical point of view, Mark was missing a vital part of the training.


Mark Is Not The First Person To Have Experienced This Problem

Mark is not the first person to experience this problem and he will not be the last.
It is easy to fix.
At The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy, if we know that someone is going to be absent for one day of a module, we can include the practical part of the training into the day that they are present and they can catch up on the theory later.
Alternatively, if they are going to be away for the whole module, then I am happy to catch up with them 1-2-1 training, at a later time (obviously within reason).
We helped Mark catch by coming in extra, one evening. He lives about 15 miles from the School, so this was possible.
For anyone, living further away, it is possible to carry out the training via Skype.

Mark Considered Deferring The Course

At one stage, Mark’s home life was getting in the way of his training and he even considered deferring the course for a year.
But thankfully, he decided to carry on and, after a while, he began to fly through the course.
He just got it.

He Has Common Sense And Desire To Help Others

In many ways, he is similar to me; neither of us are straight ‘A’ grade University students (I spent my early working years on building sites), but we both have common sense and a desire to help others.
These ingredients are fundamentally important and, with these in place, the course then becomes relatively simple.
The penultimate module of the course consists of a practical text.
Mark was very calm and relaxed in a situation which may have phased a more competent hypnotherapist, but he passed both sets of exams (practical and written) with ease, scoring more than 90%.

Mark Is Doing Well Now

Routinely, I like to catch up with students on a regular basis and recently he told me he was doing very well as a fully qualified hypnotherapist.
He is still working as a taxi driver BUT now instead of using his taxi service just as a means of income, he is using it as a means to advertise his hypnotherapy skills and to spread the word about his new business …
Meeting many people gives him the ability and opportunity to say “Hi, I’m xxxxx … and I’ve just trained as a hypnotherapist”
Approximately one third of the population will have no interest, one third won’t care, but one third will be fascinated and intrigued.
It’s that 33% that may spread the word about him and may even use his services.


Mark Is On His Way To Cracking It.

I’m confident that in a short space of time, more and more people will become aware of his hypnotherapy services and he will reach a tipping point where he earns more money doing his part time job than his full-time job.

When your part time job is something that you love and pays more than your full time job, you know you’ve cracked it ...



Chris Fleet, top UK accredited Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer for Certificate In Hypnotherapy & Diploma In Hypnotherapy

Final Word From Chris Fleet

Mark, like many students, did find parts of the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course challenging, particularly when he had to miss parts due to his son not being well.  But he was able to catch up and ultimately flourished, finishing with a good grade.


The Courses Are Designed To Allow Time For The Students

The courses are designed to be flexible when students find certain parts challenging and even when time is lost due to personal circumstances, as in Mark's case.
The big advantage of studying in a small group, everyone works to support each other.
My goal is always to make sure everyone can work successfully towards to gaining their qualification, whatever their personal circumstances are.    


If You Wish To Know More

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Then, I would be able to explain everything fully for you and be able to answer all your questions.
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