Driving Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy For Exam Nerves


“I can highly recommend Chris Fleet as a hypnotherapist.”

Driving Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Without his help, I don’t think I would ever have passed my driving test. His relaxing, calm nature combined with his professional and perceptive approach instantly made me feel safe. I had been trying to get my driver’s licence for over a year with each failed test making my anxiety even worse. While my instructor was happy with my driving skills and I had consistently driven the test routes without ‘failing’ within our lessons. I was overcome by anxiety as soon as I arrived at the test centre for an actual test. The last one was taken before seeing Chris saw me shaking and crying even before getting into the car!


This was an unknown experience for me never before having been subject to such high levels of anxiety with any test. Having lived in cities my whole life before moving to Devon, I’d not needed a licence, but now I was living on Dartmoor and not having the ability to drive was having a significant impact on my ability to work and to build relationships. I began to see the difference almost immediately after seeing Chris. I was a lot calmer in the car in my lessons, more able to let go of tension if something didn’t go perfectly and I started to almost to enjoy the experience. With each session with Chris, I felt more and more confident at being able to pass my test. Chris was able to help me see what my major blocks were, take me through these so I was able to imagine actually passing my test, gave me belief in myself, helped me understand my learning style, gave me tools with which to take into the test situation itself, and provided me with a deeper understanding of what was making my anxiety so high and ways in which to release that anxiety.

Simple and Painless

And it was all so simple and painless. Each session with Chris left me feeling more relaxed and much more confident in my daily life. Some of the tools and information he gave me I still use in my everyday life. And I passed my test! I drive almost every day now, have been able to get a job I enjoy because I’m no longer limited by what public transport options are available to me, have expanded my social life and take advantage of living in such beautiful area with trips to the beach, the woods and the moor. I can even go to a late screening of a movie!

I’ve never been the greatest at asking for help but going to Chris was one of the best things I’ve done. I was initially a little sceptical of hypnotherapy as I wasn’t sure if I could trust someone enough to accept the ‘suggestions’. However, in our first session, Chris took the time to guide me through what hypnotherapy actually is, how it works and assured me that I was still completely in control. His manner and professionalism enabled me to step into a place of trust easily, and throughout the process, I felt comfortable sharing what my fears were and to be honest about what I was finding difficult. At every step, I felt completely able to stop the work and was conscious of what was going on.

I can highly recommend Chris as a hypnotherapist and hope that more people get to experience his work.”

Erica Lowe

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