Dental Hypnotherapy

Dental Hypnotherapy

Some dentists are using dental hypnotherapy to calm patients before administering treatment.

Indian dentist Jyoti Oberoi recently published her 2014 study in the American Academy of Paediatric dentistry detailing her work with children.

Dr Oberoi, a city-based dentist, has come up with an innovative solution to children who have a fear of needles-hypnotherapy.

Her research on the method details the use of dental hypnotherapy in helping patients (specifically children), whose fears hold them back from receiving treatment.

“Despite the advances in technology, there is always fear among patients regarding the process and pain of dental treatment,” says Oberoi.


Dental Hypnotherapy Helps

The study consisted of 200 children aged 6-16 undergoing dental treatment. The group were split equally. One group was administered treatment without hypnosis, and the other group received hypnosis before treatment. The pulse rates of the children were monitored. The results showed that those that did not undergo hypnosis before treatment had elevated pulse rates in comparison to those that did. For those that received hypnosis, their pulse rates remained stable throughout treatment.

The results clearly show that hypnotherapy helps reduce anxiety, fear and pain in patients undergoing treatment.

Since the publication of this study, 64 doctors have gone on to conduct similar research studies into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in similar settings.


How it works

When an anxious child comes into practice, a brief history is taken with regards to the child’s anxiety and fears of dental treatment. The child is encouraged to touch and explore the room in which the treatment will take place. Following this, a hypnotic script and suggestion are used to relax the patient before treatment commences.


Overcoming Dental Phobia

Once the fear element of an event has been removed, the treatment is pretty much straight forward. This is not to say that the use of hypnosis is a one-off event as it often takes a few sessions for the suggestions to plant themselves into the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy is an art and science approach which can be used to overcome psychological issues. It can significantly benefit in reducing pain and allow individuals to receive treatment/s otherwise restricted though phobias, fear and anxiety.


Enhancing Your Career

During your working life, you will attend various training courses to ensure you are up to date with the latest developments.

Have you ever thought about adding hypnotherapy to enhance your current career like Dr Oberoi?

As mentioned in this blog, hypnotherapy can be used to help people overcome barriers in their lives.  Perhaps your career could benefit from adding hypnotherapy to your skillset so that you too can help people access the treatment they might otherwise avoid through fear and anxiety.

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