Gambling Addiction: Can Hypnotherapy Help?


Could Hypnotherapy Stop A Gambling Addition?

It Most Definitely Can  ...  Read This Inspiring Article.

Written by Chris Fleet @hypno_teacher


Yes, that is right!

Hypnotherapy can help those suffering a gambling addiction to give up.

Peter (not his real name) attended my clinic in 2018 and I treated him with just THREE hypnotherapy sessions; over a year later, he has stopped gambling completely and, thankfully, is enjoying a much improved lifestyle, presently.

He recently sent me this wonderful and, I might add, totally unsolicited review, where he describes briefly his experience.  It is a very enlightening review and should provide great encouragement to anyone else wishing to give up any addiction, especially gambling.

Here, I have included Peter's exact words. 

"I came to see you at your practice at the end of July 2018.

I'd come to my decision after around 30 years of gambling and always saying "im going to seek help" but it was always after id lost!

I tried Gamcare without success.

So 3 days before pay day July 2018 i googled various clinics in the South West. 

I made an appointment at your clinic and came for a consultation with yourself and we discussed what would happen and the cost - 3 no. 60 minute sessions for £150.00 total if memory serves me correct and i thought to myself that is a bargain if it made me never want to gamble again but i was very sceptical.

To cut to the chase after just 3 sessions, £150 and 443 days later!!

I haven't had a solitary bet, walked into a betting shop, gambled online nor played any fruit machines in pubs - its an amazing feeling to be able to write this email and know im being 100% honest 

I can now take my family out without leaving them waiting outside betting shops or abandoning them in restaurants whilst i found fruit machines to play"

My message to everyone out there suffering with addiction is.

If you want to stop gambling but need help - Try Hypnotherapy, give Chris a call

A great thank you to Peter for this wonderful review and for granting me permission to publish it.

As he says in the final part, he would like people suffering a gambling addiction to try Hypnotherapy to help them to stop.

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